Talking about ‘my Porsche’ I very early on made it my own. I would be passenger whenever I could. Later I was allowed to drive it in the fields and to make myself useful with it. I always pride myself that I learnt to drive on a Porsche. I could distinguish my Porsche from other similar tractors just by the sound of the engine. My tractor almost ruined my academic career in that it was much more attractive than learning Latin vocabularies or


My Grandfather had a smallholding with three cows and a pig. For years cows were used to pull the plough and wagons full of hay, potatoes and manure. Then, increasingly tractors came into use. Porsche offered a small and cheap tractor, which was aimed at small farms. My Porsche was first registered on 29th April 1960. I was seven years old at the time.

Some technical data: My Porsche has 14 hp out of a one cylinder diesel engine. The maximum speed is 19.9 km/h or 12 miles/hr. It has six gears. Porsche built around 13,000 tractors of this kind.

mathematical equations and my performance at Grammar School suffered. Later we moved to a nearby city and my love relationship with my Porsche was sadly disrupted. However, it always remained a ‘special relationship’. When my grandfather died and later my uncle, who had inherited the smallholding, I pestered my aunt never to sell it to anyone else. This year I finally succeeded in owning it rightfully. The old romance is still alive.